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Extra and Overseas Adventures To make it simple: I'm having trouble sorting out chapter 5 and RL is very much against me atm.

So rather than going gung-ho and trying to pull up pages week by week without really thinking about it, I will be posting a comic short I drew right after Chapter 2. The drawings are a bit rough because it's so old (and small 'cause this comic was drawn half-page), but since it's all about Renee and Seth and actually is a bit of a character piece, I knew I wanted to post it officially and now seems to be the best time/place to do it.

In the meanwhile, I will be using the extra time to get my act together and really work out what Chapter 5's REALLY about.

I'm sorry I've got to keep you guys waiting even longer for answers/progression/STORY because of all this. I wanted to post this short so there was at least something new/relevant(ish) being presented even though the main story is away atm. Thanks for keeping up with me so far. Knowing you guys are reading is what kept me going at the worst points in chapter 4 and I really want to get chapter 5 to a place that'll keep the story going right.

TLDR: I will be posting this extra so I have time to work on chapter 5.


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